Fotomatón true fun for everyone?

Yes. And Let me tell you why. It all started like in 1888. But for me, it all started off summer 2017.

I just finish one project of painting faces on the cafe foams. And starting a new job as a professional face painter makeup artist and photographer.

I was looking for something new to add to my service... and so I found it at my brother's wedding. Here it was. Fotomaton. Photo booth.

FACEBOX can connected people. Nobody have to be shy on front of the camera anymore. You could throw some fun glasses and become a new version of yourself.

The memories were not printed. But I carry them with me till now. And so all the clients that trusted us. And the strips I have as a reminder of that fun night.

As mention before I do pro photography. Many times I found people struggle in front of the camera. Feeling stiff, not photogenic, not pretty enought, not a perfect" model... So many people have trouble to like themselves on the photogrpah. We are are very tough critics for ourselves. And that's true. Same as it's almost impossible to walk by the mirror and not look at ourself ;)

All of the above is fast gone in front of Fotomaton FACEBOX.

There is true magic happening. It doesn't matter if this is a single person, group pic, couple, grandparents with grandkids.

All groups of all ages are just having fun. They not only taking home the printed photos but something much more important...

So using this opportunity, I would like to thank all of our costumers for the past year of choosing us, believing in us, letting us be a part of all those beautiful celebrations.

I see you all.

I understand.

I feel the love.

I feel the pain.

I am happy that I could bring to each of you for just a short moment: a bit of joy, and element that let you forget all the struggles or worries you have to face every day. To let you connect with your family and frinds.

That is why photo booth, in my opinion, is true fun for anyone!

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