HER body her choice.

#prawakobiet #strajkkobiet #powiedzkomus Behind the creative process.

What did make you create "her body her choice"?

22nd October 2020, the Constitutional Tribunal in Poland decided that no medical fetus indicates a high probability of severe and irreversible impairment of the fetus or an incurable life-threatening disease. It has no constitutional justification.

Which means that every woman in my country will be forced to carry on pregnancy even if the fetus is severely impaired. Even when a child doesn't have much chances of surviving or having a: pain free life...

It's a right thing to do - they say .. I say NO, it is not.. even when a miracle happens... well ... just handle it by yourself ... the government doesn't give a shit!

So as you can imagine, this decision made my blood boil.

I am an artist, I have whole layers of empathy and understanding. When there's too much emotion inside me, well that's the only way I know to get them out. I just create.

Where did you get the ideas to create those images from?

They came to me. It started with a vision of the umbilical cord (I knew I had to create it somehow) - and for that I used "spider webs" and some plastic bag. Everything else happened under a huge burden of emotions such as: sadness, flustration, anger ... Looking back ... I really didn't know what or how I did. I had an artificial umbilical cord with me, a camera, a sheet ... and a few rags straight from Halloween decorations box. I let the creative process to take ower.

Why has the umbilical cord become the main message?

It's a link. Same as my art work here. Can you imagine being connected to something that is not given to you? And yet you have to do it because if not, you will be punished by law? It's a depth and even a deviation ... of emotions, flustration, like a black hole filling your being. I think that was referred for any decision that every woman was able to make ... is already mournful enough. I find it unimaginable for me to condemn someone to monthly torture...I can't.

Why are her lips sewn together?

...This is how I often feel as a Polish woman..just kidding...sometimes I wish I could close my mouth and be silent, but my inner me is stronger than me..Especially now, when women in Poland have been deprived of the right to their own body and decision ... Stitched lips are just a symbol - They have exceeded our tolerance limit and now they can't silence us! (#womeninpower).

Can we see behind the scenes?

Sure! knock yourself down..:

Will we see more work coming from you any day soon?

Yes! Probably with a different motivation and purpose, but yes!

With love and with dedication to creation.. Studio8x8.

Interview with: Paulí - her body her choice. #strajkkobiet

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