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Image by Mark Zamora


Photos are great because they remind you of how you looked, but one wedding movie will remind you of how you felt.

Capturing Love
with Style

We love editing wedding videos.

Every wedding is different and so are the videos. 

First, we will prepare a 2-5 minute video trailer with some special moments for you to share with your family and friends or on your social media.


The wedding film, much longer, will shed tears of happiness among everyone who watches it.


We understand the excitement and the importance of receiving material quickly.


That is why the first thing we will do is create a romantic, mystical short film that you will receive a few days after the event.


Every couple has their own love story and their own vibe, so why shouldn't your wedding video reflect that?


Whether you are an adventurous soul, a romantic at heart or just want to have a good time, the atmosphere is our thing : )


Capturing those intimate moments is a privilege and an honor for us. We put creativity, love and passion in each project.


We are not afraid of challenges. We continue to integrate new ideas and your creative vision.

Shall we make a movie?

Get in touch

We would like to know a little about your love story, something that characterizes you or how you met. How do you imagine your wedding day? 

Thank you, we will respond to you in the next 24 hours.

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