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8 reasons Why you need a photo booth for your event:

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

By Studio8X8; En mis Ochos, Tenerife

We have been in this business since 2018 and I can tell you one thing. Photo Booths are a perfect wedding supplement, and yes you need them for your event, but you can also add them to any other celebration. We highly recommend it for anybody's birthday, inaugurations, new business openings, thematic parties, communions, baby showers, charity balls, bridesmaids or groom's parties, etc.

Here are our top 8 reasons why should consider hiring an FBX photo booth for your party:

1. The photo booth is a form of entertainment for any age range. It is a perfect icebreaker thanks to the many fun accessories such as glasses, wigs, and hats. You don't have to worry that your nondancing guest will be stuck at the thair table or trying to level fast.

2. You can use it as a thank-you gift for your invites. Not everyone has experienced it, so it will cause surprise and curiosity among the guests who are going to use it for the first time. 3. Instant Gratification. You can take and print as many photos as you want during the contracted operating time. 4. Photobooths act as a Brand Extension. The design can include your company colors, logo, and messaging. The photos are printed on high-quality paper that will last over time, being able to stick in albums, on furniture, on the fridge, or used as bookmarks. A pure form of marketing that carries on a great feeling. 5. All the photos are saved in a private online gallery. You and all your guests will be able to see them, download them and who knows? Maybe print some and put it in a frame or painting...So even if you happen to lose your printed picture while you’re out on the dance floor doing the Macarena, no worries! You can find it online on our page.

6. Give the experience as a gift. What a great additional present for the people you love. You can help them celebrate their special day with a little bit of photographic magic. A beautiful album filled with creativity of all the guests will follow the lead of our photo booth to keep those memories alive for a very long time!

7. It is very easy to use and can be placed practically anywhere. Some photo booths have different looks. Ours has a vintage modern vibe, and it comes with beautifully detailed decorations that will only add to the looks of your party. 8. Professionalism & a team that cares Machines are just machines. But when you match them with a team that cares, that's pure gold. Paula & Fernando is the team you want to have on your side.

A photo booth experience is one of the few things we offer to make any event special and unique. Contact us any time to schedule your celebration.

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